Bonjour! Je suis Astrid Høst

Specialist in High-End Furniture & Rugs for Interior Architects

Dedicated to creating homes that are both beautiful, personal and functional

Over 15 years of experience assisting interior architects in Norway

It means a lot to me to be able to offer high quality and on-time delivery for your projects


Provide High Quality Services

Be creative within your budget

I’ll offer creative ideas within your budget to make you stand out to your customers. I will assist you in customizing furniture and carpets in an easy way.

Source high-quality, stylish furniture/rugs

I offer beautiful furniture and top-quality carpets from experienced craftsmen and designers.

Manage orders for timely delivery

I keep track of your shipments to ensure they are delivered on time. I’ll keep you informed so you don’t have to worry.

The Brands I Work With

I work closely with a small exclusive selection of furniture and rug suppliers, hand picked for their quality and expertise in their field. I know each supplier's products intimately, having worked with them for 10+ years on my clients projects.


Crafting high-quality luxury carpets and stair runners to evoke ambiance, proudly Belgian with a touch of artisanal excellence.


Italian family business crafting exclusive sofas and seating with over 40 years of expertise in modern furniture design.

Vittoria Frigerio

Formal elegance and sophisticated details in a retro-modern collection, emphasizing fashion, design, and quality.

Atelier Brou

Classic furniture by Gabriel Temporal, master carpenter from France, from Louis XV to Art Deco styles.

Toulemonde Bochart

French rug supplier with high quality and unique design. With rugs in stock in Paris, they offer fast delivery.

BY Astrid Guguen

Personal collection from Spain, offering chairs, tables, and more, tailored to your preferences.

How To Get Started

Send me an email by clicking the button below to tell me your needs so I can understand how best to support you. 

I’ll be able to provide all the samples and product information you’ll need, so that you can be inspired and show your clients.

Welcome to my showroom!

Showcasing a selection of my suppliers products in my home


I am often told by customers that they can trust me both when it comes to finding great quality furniture, and when it comes to delivering the furniture on time.